London Underground treasure hunt

31stJan 13

London Underground treasure huntIt’s one of the most famous metro or underground systems and sections of it are the oldest in the world. And this year the dear old London Underground is 150 years old.

This historic network was launched in the Victorian era – hard to imagine what it must have been like. Today it offers some 270 stations and has something like 400km of track. It’s the single biggest factor for keeping London moving

Prince Charles and Camilla took a celebratory ride on the trains just yesterday to mark this landmark occasion, travelling between Farringdon and Kings Cross. We bet their carriages were smarter than the ones we travel on most days!

But to celebrate the Tube here at DMC London we have created our very own London-based team building option which is a treasure hunt around the network.

Armed with a trusty Oyster travel card, teams launch into the train network to battle it out in Underground-based challenges. There are quiz questions to answer and historical facts to uncover. Gain extra points with the photo challenges at stations, crack the trivia questions and ride the trains to unusual locations. Get to know London and have great fun with this slightly mad team building activity

If you would like more information about the Tube Challenge or any of our team building options then get in touch


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